Rectangular profile of the canopy allows to increase capacity of the cargo compartment up to 12 m³. Optimal design of the base chassis allows to install different types of secondary structures according to customers’ individual requirements, while the capacity of the cargo compartment can reach 20 m³.

Spacious and comfortable flat body is well suited for transporting all types of cargoes. The flat body freely accommodates 5 standard euro-pallets, while a vehicle with the extended flat body may accommodate 6 euro-pallets.

Spacious and comfortable flat body is well suited for transporting of all types of cargoes. Boards are opened from 3 sides providing maximum access to the cargo and facilitating the loading process.

GAZelle NEXT is equipped with compressed gas equipment of Euro 5 class manufactured by the Italian company OMVL. The use of compressed gas equipment ensures ecological compatibility and a minimum cost of vehicle ownership.

A modular scheme is used in the suspension of NEXT that combines a subframe, suspension guide unit, steering mechanism and a transverse stabilizer. High-quality components of specialized domestic and foreign manufacturers are used. Independent double-lever front suspension of Next provides traveling comfort, road stability and driving precision. Its reliability is as good as reliability of leaf suspensions.


The proprietary design of the rear suspension incorporating a new auxiliary spring and modern shock-absorbers by Mando with a modified fastening scheme ensures a better stability and smooth operation of the assembly with a fully loaded vehicle.

Corrosion protection

The GAZelle NEXT body is made up of sixty-eight fully galvanized steel parts and sixteen plastic parts, which guarantees that no through corrosion will occur for 8 years with unlimited mileage.

Completely new brake system

The GAZelle NEXT brake system has a three-fold safety margin and record braking performance. Brakes by Mando company, vacuum booster and 9 generation ABS system by Bosch. Ventilated disk brakes provide high braking efficiency and as a result - a shorter stopping distance.

Integrated rack and pinion steering system

The integrated steering system by ZF with a hydraulic assist in the base trim provides excellent handling and straightness of moving along uneven roads, eliminating the need for steering adjustment.

Reinforced e-coated frame

The reinforced e-coated frame is fully adapted for operation in Russian road conditions and is designed for increased load thanks to introduction of two reinforcement elements.

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Drop-side truck Single-row cabin Crew cabin
Special vehicles
Drop-side truck Single-row cabin Crew cabin
Van Single-row cabin Crew cabin
Drop-side truck Single-row cabin Crew cabin
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