The GAZon has “inherited” its cabin module from the GAZelle NEXT and all its advantages along with it: ergonomics and comfort, heating and ventilation system, increased user space and excellent visibility. The anatomical seat even in baseline configuration has armrests and a wide range of adjustments, optionally equipped with lumbar support and heating. A wide doorway and low footstep provide easy entry and exit. The door is securely fixed in intermediate positions.


Delphi installed in the NEXT provides excellent interior heating and cooling performance as well as windshield thawing: in just 5-7 minutes you will forget about the cold outside the window. Effective exhaust ventilation and cabin filter clean the air in the cabin.


The state-of-the-art comfortable ergonomic dashboard is made of plastic with a soft touch effect. The instrument cluster includes an on-board computer displaying main vehicle operation settings. Backlight brightness of the dashboard can be adjusted.

Electric Windows and
Electrically Heated Mirrors

The baseline configuration of the Next includes Brose power windows with an optimal opening/closing speed of 5-6 seconds. Electric heating of side mirrors provides good visibility even in severe frost conditions.

Easy Replacement Lamps

Special side hatches in the front wheelarches of the vehicle provide easy access to the low/ high beam lamps, parking lights, daytime running lights and direction indicators.

Convenience of
  • Hood gas springs.
  • Anti-slip lining on bumper.
  • Optimal position of tanks with operating fluids in close proximity to each other.
  • Simplified tire fitting process using a bolted fitting.

Niches, Shelves,

Multiple niches, boxes and compartments (on the dashboard, behind the wall of the footrest and under the driver’s seat) allow you to have everything to hand while on the road.

Audio System

For the convenience of customers even the baseline configuration of the vehicle includes an audio system setup with ISO connectors for the connection of loudspeakers or head unit, as well as 2 speakers pre-installed. Time spent on the road will be brightened by the up-to-date audio system with USB port and control buttons on the steering wheel.

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Dump truck
Dumper 4x4, 6x6 GVW 13...22.5t
Crew bus 6x6 GVW 13...22.5t
Dropside truck 6x6 GVW 13...22.5t
Tractor unit 6x6 GVW 13...22.5t
Special vehicles
Tractor unit 8x8 GVW 13...26.1t
Tractor unit 6x6 GVW 13...26.1t
Dumper 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 GVW 13...26.1t
Special vehicles
Drop-side truck Single-row cabin Crew cabin
Van Single-row cabin Crew cabin
Special vehicles
Drop-side truck Single-row cabin Crew cabin
Special vehicles
Drop-side truck Single-row cabin Crew cabin
Van Single-row cabin Crew cabin
Drop-side truck Single-row cabin Crew cabin
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