European Reliability Standards

NEXT family vehicles employ state-of-the-art technical solutions. Suppliers of assemblies and components for the vehicles were both leading Russian companies and globally renowned manufacturers.


The use of a ZF clutch and LUK central cylinder results in minimal effort and clutch pedal travel.

  • Accurate and fast gear change is ensured by Oerlikon Graziano synchronizers, Schaeffler and SKF bearings, and sealing capacity is ensured by Rubena and Simrit cuffs.
  • SPICER DANA cardan gear is maintenance-free, ensuring assembly reliability.
  • Simrit cuffs ensure sealing capacity of the rear axle housing.

High Corrosion Resistance

All parts of the GAZon NEXT cabin most exposed to corrosive environments are fully galvanized or made of plastic. At all stages of production, progressive corrosion-resistant materials are used.

All joints and seams are protected by a corrosion-resistant coating and special sealants. Cataphoresis treatment of hidden cavities of the cabin and complete processing of the on-board platform provide for reliable protection. Standard warranty against penetrative corrosion of the cabin is 8 years without mileage restriction.

Steering Control

Drivers of any build and height will feel comfortable driving the NEXT thanks to the adjustable and CSA energy-absorbing steering column. There is an ergonomic small-diameter steering wheel with radio control buttons, cruise control and engine speed control.

ZF steering gear provides good steering feedback and a small number of revolutions for complete rotation of the wheels with optimal effort. The number of revolutions of the steering wheel from stop to stop is 4.2.

  • State-of-the-art TENNECO shock absorbers provide effective vibration damping.
  • Front and rear axle stabilizer bars provide stability and control.
  • The reinforced leaf springs of the front and rear wheels provide increased vehicle load capacity.

Braking System
  • High braking efficiency is provided by ventilated disc brakes on the front and rear wheels.
  • Service life of brake linings is up to 200,000 km.
  • ABS, ASR and EBD systems retain control of the vehicle during extreme braking.
  • The new braking system is highly reliable and provides a low brake pedal effort.
  • The braking mechanism is highly efficient and provides for a short braking path.

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Special vehicles
Drop-side truck Single-row cabin Crew cabin
Special vehicles
Drop-side truck Single-row cabin Crew cabin
Van Single-row cabin Crew cabin
Drop-side truck Single-row cabin Crew cabin
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