GAZ Group starts serial production of GAZelle NN

20 May 2021

Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, 20 May 2021 - Serial production starts for GAZelle NN at Gorky Automobile Plant. With this new light commercial vehicle Russia’s automotive industry starts moving from analog to digital driving technology. GAZelle NN first comes as 3.5t. dropside cabs and vans. However later it will be available in various modifications with the GVW of 2.5t to 4.6t and different body types, wheelbases and superstructures, both in the Russian and foreign markets. Start of the GAZelle NN serial production comes part of the 800th anniversary program in Nizhny Novgorod, the first two letters of the city name echoing in the trade name of the new GAZ product.

GAZ Group starts serial production of GAZelle NN

GAZelle NN is more than just a new LCV model, it is going to be a founding father for a new generation of GAZ vehicles. It is a platform for further development to be, for many years, the base for new models and versions.

GAZelle NN symbolizes a move from analog to digital driving. It can boast having a new electronic architecture with various digital services turning it from just a tool for drivers and business owners into a partner and a real road user.  

The concept is based on the idea of designing a driver workspace offering maximum comfort and ergonomics. Its brand new cab design, new driver-vehicle interface and interaction, lots of technology and design upgrades, including a 6-speed gearbox and a new braking system, deliver better driving performance and safety, with fewer driving mistakes and less driver fatigue.

New e-architecture

GAZelle NN is a platform to develop advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), digital services and driverless technology elements. There’s an electronic control unit for all the vehicles systems, which sends signals to the driver and directly interacts with engine control units, steering and braking systems, lighting, sound signals, etc. The new vehicle is initially designed to get digital tools (e.g. cameras and sensors) connected to monitor the situation on the road, so various ADAS elements can be added later.

Ergonomics and comfort

GAZelle NN has an absolutely new cab design with an ergonomic air-cushioned driver seat with 11 adjustments, a 9-inch multimedia system with a new interface. You can find USB ports, cup and bottle holders, pockets for your smartphone and plastic cards, an air-conditioned locking bottom glovebox on the front console. There are two additional USB ports on the ceiling panel which can be used for a dash camera or a tachograph. Keyless system with a push button start is easy to use, while electronic parking brake activated with a button on the dashboard delivers great braking system performance and efficiency, saving space in the cabin. The central passenger seat can be folded down to create a desk with cupholders. Heat-insulating windshield comes standard. The new GAZelle’s all LED lights last a lifetime. Various technical upgrades deliver much lower noise and vibration levels.


New digital control technologies give much better performance of active and passive safety systems, greater safety and security for people and transported goods. The driver airbag comes standard. Such ADAS elements like ESP, BAS, EBD, TCS and HSA deliver great driving performance and stability in challenging road situations. Combined with a new braking systems (disc brakes on all wheels) the electronic driver assistants make maneuvering and slowing down easier.


The new model will first be available as a dropside cab and a van with 3.5t. GVW. It will come with a 6-speed gearbox, the company’s new in-house product, and a diesel engine. The new gearbox demonstrates better traction dynamics performance, reduces fuel consumption as well as noise and vibration levels. The gearbox lifetime is now extended to 300,000 km, while its torque can be up to 450 Nm. GAZelle NN has a Spicer rear axle offering better reliability and longer lifetime.

Thanks to the versatility of the platform various combinations of powertrains, chassis types and other key units can be installed in the vehicle. Later the new platform will come with different internal combustion engines (diesel, gas and gasoline ones) as well as electric powertrains. Compared with GAZelle NEXT, the new GAZelle NN will be the base for a yet wider range of light commercial vehicles, with 2.5t to 4.6t GVW, different body types, wheelbases and superstructure options.

Economic efficiency

GAZelle NN still keeps the key advantage of GAZ products - low cost of ownership. Lower accident rate, over 50 design and technology upgrades aimed to increase the durability and reliability of the key units and reduce fuel consumption make the product’s payback period shorter while its economic efficiency higher.

Vadim Sorokin, GAZ Group President:

“With the new model we are moving to the digitalization stage, with digital technologies to be available later in all GAZ vehilces. Versatility, scalability and digitalization - these are three core principles to let your vehicle successfully perform more complex and sophisticated tasks, with new features to be added to it, and to use elements available now as well as to add new, just expected or anticipated systems and mechanisms.

Leonid Dolgov, GAZ Group Export Director:

“GAZelle NN is a product much anticipated by our customers in key export markets. Euro-6 compliant vehicles will be first of all exported to European countries where we have a wide dealership network. The new GAZelle NN offers us much more opportunities and opens the door to new market segments in many countries across the globe”.

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