Gazelle Motors lends ambulance and van to DoH to fight covid-19

21 Mar 2020

Gazelle Motors Corporation, the Philippine distributor of Russia’s No. 1 automotive manufacturer, GAZ, is lending an Ambulance and a Gazelle Next Van to the Department of Health to support the Government’s fight of COVID-19 in the Philippines. Gazelle Motor’s vehicle support is timely given the need to help transport medical staff as well as patients in need of emergency medical transportation to hospitals.

gaz covid

The official turnover was held at the Department of Health’s Main building. Gazelle Motors Chairman and CEO, Fernando Martinez, Assistant Secretary of Health, Dr. Kenneth Ronquillo, Dr. Gloria Balbao, Director IV of the Health Management Bureau, Engr. David Masiadao Jr., Chief General Services Division and Gazelle Motors General Manager, Dennis Alagar were present during the turnover.

“Our country and government need all the support it can get to help fight this COVID-19 Virus. Every help counts.” GMC Chairman Martinez said.

The Ambulance to be lent by Gazelle Motors is powered by a 2.8 liter Cummins Euro4 diesel engine. It is equipped with sirens, has a dual-circuit air conditioning system separately for the driver and medical compartment which is an extra safety feature to keep the drivers safe especially for patience with viral infections. It has a receiving device for medical stretchers and Oxygen supply system KPG-02- “Medprom” with accessories. The Periodic Maintenance Service (PMS) interval schedule for the Gazelle Ambulance are the first 5,000 kms and every succeeding 15,000 kms making it more cost efficient compared to other ambulances. The Gazelle Next Van also has a 2.8 liter Cummins Euro 4 Diesel engine with a seating capacity of 16+1 and with a height of 6’1 feet for easy entry and exit for medical personnel and equipment.

Gazelle Motors Corporation is also one of the leading providers of Modern Jeepneys to transport cooperatives and companies inline with the Duterte Government’s PUV Modernization Program. It’s leading product, the Gazelle Citiline has a 22+ 1 seating capacity and fully airconditioned, is servicing commuters already in different parts of Luzon and Visayas. Another unit, the SK3308, a 4×4 multipurpose truck that can traverse to up to 4.2 feet of water, has self-inflating tires, and a road clearance of 315MM, is also being used for relief operations and carrying out of peace and order personnel in different areas nationwide. Gazelle Motors Corporation is part of the Eastern Petroleum Group of Companies.