NEXT 6x4

with comfort

Everything was designed for the driver’s comfort. A three-seat cabin provides for comfortable and safe daily operation of the crew.
The interior contains sound-absorbing panels and comfortable seats. Cabin oor is leveled along its full length. Microclimate inside the cabin is optimized by the e cient climate control system, high-quality heat insulation and door seals.

of the truck

URAL NEXT 6X4 trucks are equipped with YMZ-536 and YMZ-653 engines compliant with Euro-5 standards (according to regulations 49-05) using SCR systems.

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Active and passive safety are ensured by a complex of technical solutions: conventional cab with a complex body geometry, heavy frame, low center of gravity, ABS, ESP. Combination of these factors results in a solid, reliable and safe vehicle.

How we take care about safety

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